Aermacchi AM-3CM Bosbok VH-BTZ (ex South African Air Force 951) at Bundaberg, Queensland in July 2009, retaining its South African markings.
Photo: Phil Vabre
Aermacchi AL-60C.4M Kudu ZS-WZP (ex South African Air Force 967) is one of a number of Kudus operated by Angels Way Trust of Johannesburg. Photo: Avdex
Marcel Dassault MD.312 Flamant F-AZVG (ex French Air Force No.189), one of a number kept airworthy in France by enthusiast groups. Note the helpful French practice of displaying the c/n on the tail. Photo: Peter R. March
Martin B-26C Marauder N4297J (ex USAAC 40-1464) at Chino CA, August 1989. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Martin PBM-5A Mariner N3190G (ex Bu122071) at Pima County Air Museum, Tucson AZ in 1975. It is still on display at the renamed Pima Air & Space Museum, now painted in US Navy blue wartime scheme. Photo: John Chapman
Martin AM-1 Mauler N7163M (Bu22275) at Medford, Oregon in October 1992, part of Jack Erickson's warbird collection. It was waiting to be restored for display in the Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum, sponsored by Erickson. Photo: Geoff Goodall
McDonnell F-4C Phantom N403FS (ex USAF 64-0741) in August 1989 at Mojave California, where Flight Systems Inc based their large fleet of ex military combat jets used for research and defence contract work. The “last three” of its former USAF serial can be seen on the nose landing gear door. Photo: Geoff Goodall
McDonnell F-4C Phantom N421FS (ex USAF 63-7545) was operational with Flight Systems Inc at Mojave, California in August 1989. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Messerschmitt 109s were built under licence in Spain by Hispano, using Rolls Royce Merlin engines and designated HA-1112 "Buchon". N48157 (ex Spanish Air Force C.4K-172) was one of many Buchons purchased by the Confederate Air Force in Texas after their use in the movie "Battle of Britain". Pictured at Harlingen, Texas in October 1977. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Hispano HA-1112 Buchon G-BWUE (ex Spanish Air Force C.4K-102) flying in 2008 in Luftwaffe markings as "Red One". The different nose and cowling lines of the RR Merlin are evident. Photo: Peter R. March
SBLim-2 VH-REH (ex Polish AF 807) was originally built in Russia as a MiG-15UTI but later rebuilt in Poland to SBLim-2 standard. It is seen at Bathurst NSW in June 2009, with SBLim-2 VH-EKI (ex Polish 126) parked behind, both owned by Reha (Ray) Ekinci, Sydney. Photo: Phil Vabre
SBLim-2 VH-DIE (ex Polish Air Force 3804) was from a large production run of Polish built MiG-15UTI two seaters, designated SBLim-2. Here is gets airborne at Bundaberg Queensland in August 2007. Photo: Phil Vabre
Mitsubishi A6M5-52 N46770 (ex Japanese Navy 61-120) at Chino, California in March 1993. It was captured by US Marines on Saipan during the advance on Japan, and is maintained airworthy by the Air Museum at Chino, fitted with an original Nakajima Sakai radial engine. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Mitsubishi A6M3-22 (c/n 3844) at Domain War Memorial Museum, Auckland NZ, July 2005. It was captured at Bougainville by NZ forces at the end of the war.
Photo: Phil Vabre
Morane-Saulnier MS.406/Dornier D-3801 HB-RCF (ex Swiss Air Force J-143) flying in 2006 in French air force markings. Photo: Peter R. March
Morane-Saulnier MS.760B Paris II N207MJ (c/n 02) painted in a striking black scheme, at Lakeland, Florida in 2008. This Paris was once the personal aircraft of the Shah of Iran. Photo: Peter R. March
Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris N378AS (ex French Air Force No.45) awaiting civil conversion at Calhoun, Georgia in August 2005. A total of 14 Paris were at Calhoun at this time, owned by Your Aircraft Source LLC for planned resale as private jets. Photo: Gordon Reid
Nanchang CJ-6A VH-CJX (ex Chinese 3051216) painted in Chinese camouflage as 72181 with nose art "Shanghaied", at Bundaberg Qld in August 2007.
Photo: Phil Vabre
Nanchang CJ-6A VH-NNF (ex Chinese 4432023) closest to camera in this formation takeoff at Bundaberg Qld in August 2007. Both retain their original Chinese khaki green markings. Photo: Phil Vabre
Nord 2501 Noratlas F-AZVM (ex French Air Force No.105) is a regular performer at air shows. The French warbird movement has been vibrant from the start, allowing machines of Noratlas and Flamant size to be kept airworthy by enthusiastic groups of supporters. Photo: Peter R. March
Nord 3202 N2254U (ex French Army No.63) at Fort Lauderdale-Executive Airport, Florida in October 1981. The faded paintwork and torn fabric are signs of several years parked in the weather with a collection of N3202s and T-28s imported by David Tallichet and John "Jeff" Hawke's Euroworld California operation.
Photo: Geoff Goodall
Nord 3202 N2255F (ex French Army No.79) parked at Chino, California in September 1981. Another of the batch of 3202s imported to USA for resale, it retains its French military paintwork, with Army code "AJI". Photo: Geoff Goodall
North American AT-6C Harvard Mk.2A VH-NZH (ex Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ1051) painted as a US Navy SNJ-3 Bu6220, seen at Narromine NSW in April 2006. Photo: Phil Vabre
North American SNJ-4 Texan N7404C (ex Bu51542) at Mojave, California in September 1977 represents a typical air racing Texan. Photo: Geoff Goodall
CCF Harvard T-6J G-BPGB (ex Portuguese Air Force 1747) has been restored in accurate Portuguese markings. Photo: Peter R. March
CCF Harvard Mk.4 VH-ZRO (ex RCAF 20362) modified as a Mitsubishi Zero replica for the movie "Tora Tora Tora", seen at Bundaberg Queensland.
Photo: Phil Vabre
Zero replica VH-ZRO in action. Photo: Phil Vabre
North American T-6G Turkish Air Force 7504 (c/n 182-266) displayed in the Turkish Air Force Museum at Yesilkoy air base, Istanbul in December 2006.
Photo: Geoff Goodall
North American O-47A N4725V (ex USAAC 38-284) at Chino, California in September 1979. Photo: Geoff Goodall
North American TB-25N N9079Z (ex 44-30734) "Panchito". An excellent Peter March air-to-air photograph of this beautifully restored former fire bombing and fruit crop spraying Mitchell.
North American B-25J AURI M-439 (ex 44-29032) at the Indonesian Air Force Museum at Yogyakarta in 2006. The Indonesian Air Force flew Mitchells and A-26 Invaders into the 1970s. Photo: John Chapman
North American P-51C N1204 (ex 42-103831) "Ina the Macon Belle". Originally flown as a post-war air racer by the great Paul Mantz, this early model Mustang was stored by warbird devotee Kermit Weeks in Florida while parts were collected, then a six year restoration to fly. This photograph by Peter R. March shows the polished metal finish.
North American P-51D G-BTCD (ex 44-73149) "Ferocious Frankie" is a regular at British airshows, operated by The Old Flying Machine Company based at Duxford. Photo: Peter R. March
North American P-51D N35FF (ex 44-73693) race #44 "Risky Business" in the pits at the Reno Air Races in Nevada. This former Nicaraguan Air Force aircraft was raced basically stock, without the extreme airframe and engine modifications carried out to many other Mustang pylon racers. Photo: John Chapman
North American P-51K N66111 (ex 44-12140) seen at Santa Monica, California in 1960 when civil two-seat Mustangs were in widespread use in USA for routine fast travel. The "Warbird" movement was still some years away. This aircraft was wrecked in a crash in Oregon in 1968, but due to the recuperative powers of warbird rebuilding workshops, a Mustang quoting its identity is still flying today. Photo: Eddie Coates
CAC Mustang A68-1 (c/n 1326, the Royal Australian Air Force's first Australian-assembled P-51D in 1945) was later used as a ground target to assess blast damage during British atomic bomb tests at Emu, South Australia in 1953. Fourteen years later, a group of Adelaide enthusiasts worked in primitive conditions in the desert, in intense heat, to get it airworthy for a ferry flight to Adelaide. Here is A68-1 arriving in triumph at Parafield Airport, Adelaide on 6 December 1967, flown by Tony Schwerdt. This Mustang is still flying in Alabama. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-18 Mustang Mk.23 VH-SVU (ex RAAF A68-170) at RAAF Point Cook, Victoria in February 2008. A total of 200 Mustangs were assembled then manufactured in Australia by CAC. This is flown by the RAAF Museum. Photo: Phil Vabre
North American F-82B Twin Mustang N12102 (ex 44-65162) at Harlingen, Texas October 1977. This rare fighter was restored to airworthy at Harlingen by the Confederate Air Force. Photo: Geoff Goodall
North American AT-28D Trojan VH-ZUC (ex Royal Lao Air Force 3401) at Narromine NSW in September 2005. It is painted in accurate USAF scheme, with name "Just Dreamin'". Photo: Phil Vabre
North American AT-28D VH-MEO (ex Royal Lao Air Force 91724) at Avalon Victoria in March 2005, painted in Lao markings. This was originally a "small-engine" USAF T-28A, sold by disposals to civil by 1963 as N2884G, then one of many civilianized T-28As purchased by North American to be remanufactured as AT-28Ds for the Vietnam conflict. Photo: Phil Vabre
North American T-28B VH-ZSH (ex US Navy Bu137743) at Bundaberg Qld in July 2009. It retains the standard US Navy red and white paint scheme, with added nose art "Miss Stress". Photo: Phil Vabre
Canadair CL-13A Sabre N74170 (ex Royal Canadian Air Force 23320) on the Flight Systems Inc active flight line at Mojave CA in September 1977. It was later one of many Sabres modified by Flight Systems as remote-control target drones and "Bessy" was shot down at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico in August 1980. Photo: Geoff Goodall
North American F-86A N178 (ex USAF 48-0178) at Oshkosh in July 1989, while owned by John Dilley of Fort Wayne Air Service, Indiana. The following year it was sold to Britain where it still flies today as G-SABR. Photo: John Chapman.
North American F-100D Super Sabre N405FS (ex USAF 56-3022) at Mojave California in August 1989, in service with Flight Systems Inc on aeronautical research and military contract work. Photo: Geoff Goodall
NA F-100F N2011V (ex Turkish Air Force 3-948) with F-100D N2011U (ex Turkish 3-888) behind, at Mojave California, August 1989 on the Flight Systems Inc ramp. They had arrived from Turkey the previous week, ferried via the North Atlantic route. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Northrop P-61B Black Widow 42-39175 displayed at Beijing University of Aeronautics, repainted in a non authentic scheme. Photo: John Chapman
Northrop YC-125A Raider XB-GEY (ex USAF 48-636) restored from a stripped hulk at Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson AZ. Photo: John Chapman