Hawker Hurricane IIc PZ865 still flies with RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Photo by Peter R. March
Hawker Fury FB.10 VH-HFX (ex Iraqi Air Force 243) at Wangaratta, Victoria April 1985. It was being flown by its owner Bruce Andrews, Melbourne, then an Ansett Airlines captain. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Hawker Fury FB.10 VH-SHF (ex Iraqi Air Force 326) at the 2005 Avalon airshow, Victoria. At the time itI was operated by Flying Fighters, Brisbane and painted as a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Sea Fury WJ232. Photo: Phil Vabre
Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 Cuban Air Force 542 at Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba in May 2013. The Cuban Sea Furies flew against the infamous Bay of Pigs rebel invasion of 1960. The cockpit canopy has been replaced by a badly made replica. Photo: Paul Howard
Hawker Hunter T.75S VH-RHO (ex Singapore Air Force 528) landing at Bundaberg, Queensland in July 2005, deploying its drag chute. Photo: Phil Vabre
Hawker Hunter T.75S VH-RHO at Bundaberg Queensland, July 2005 still wearing its former Singapore Air Force camouflage. Photo: Phil Vabre
Hawker Hunter FR.74S VH-FRH (ex Singapore Air Force 503) parked at the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society's base at Albion Park Airport, Wollongong NSW in February 2011. Photo: Phil Vabre
Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 WV908 of Royal Navy Historic Flight (right) formates with F-86A Sabre G-SABR. Photo: Peter R. March
CASA-2111E Pedros were Heinkel He 111 built under licence in Spain, with RR Merlin engines. Here is N72615 (ex Spanish Air Force T.8B-124) at Harlingen Texas, October 1977, a month after its ferry flight to the Confederate Air Force from England. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Hispano HA-200A Saeta N631HA (ex Spanish Air Force E.14A-31) at Oshkosh, July 1989, still wearing the faded original Spanish markings. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Hunting Percival Provost T.1 G-LAPW (ex RAF XF603) flies with the Shuttleworth Collection. Photo: Peter R. March
Hunting Jet Provost T4 VH-JPP (ex RAF XS178) visiting the 1995 Avalon airshow, Victoria from its home base in Tasmania. Photo: Phil Vabre
Hunting Jet Provost T.5A G-BWEB (ex RAF XW422), one of many flying with private owners in UK. Photo: Peter R. March
Hunting Percival Pembroke C.51 N51966 (ex Belgian Air Force RM-10) at Mojave California, November 1981. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Hunting Percival Pembroke C.1 G-BNPH (ex RAF WV740) has been flown by a series of British private owners. Photo: Peter R. March
Lockheed TP-38J Lightning N38BP (ex 44-23314) "Joltin' Josie" about to go flying at Chino California, March 1993. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Lockheed F-5G Lightning N345 (ex 44-27087) "Double Trouble" at Harlingen Texas, October 1977. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Lockheed P-38 wreckage at Wangaratta Victoria, September 2006. It was believed to P-38H 42-66905, named "Japanese Sandman II" salvaged from a swamp in Papua New Guinea. It was planned to be rebuilt at Wangaratta for US collector Jerry Yagen, but its current status is not known. Photo: Phil Vabre
Lockheed P-38H tail section showing the USAAF serial 266905 was with the P-38 wreckage at Wangaratta Vic in September 2006. Photo: Phil Vabre
Lockheed A-29A Hudson IIIA VH-AGJ (ex RAAF A16-199) at Perth, Western Australia, April 1968. This aircraft is now displayed at RAF Museum, Hendon. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Lockheed A-28 Hudson IVA VH-KOY (ex RAAF A16-112) of the Temora Aviation Museum, visits RAAF Point Cook Victoria in February 2008, painted to represent A16-211 "The Tojo Busters". Photo: Phil Vabre
Lockheed AT-18 (ex 42-55741) was used in 1952 to build the one and only Rausch Aviation "Super 18 Hudstar", a Lodestar fitted with stretched fuselage with flattened belly and Hudson forward fuselage. LV-ITE is seen in Argentina circa 1970 while on aerial survey work. Photo: Ron Cuskelly collection
Lockheed PV-1 Ventura VH-SFF (ex Bu33369) restored as RAAF A59-67 for the RAAF Museum, seen on arrival at RAAF Point Cook, Victoria 13 July 1988 at the end of an eventful ferry flight from California. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Howard 500 N500HP (ex PV-1 Bu34661) arrives at Oshkosh in July 2011. The pressurized Howard 500s were the ultimate executive transport development of the Lockheed twins during the 1950s "Boardroom Bomber" era. Photo: Gordon Reid
Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon N7086C (ex Bu37444) at Chandler, Arizona in August 1989. It was configured as a fire bomber with large belly retardant tank, US Forestry Service tanker number 112. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Lockheed SP-2H Neptune N4235T (ex Bu150282) at the East Wenatchee, Washington fire attack base, in October 1991. It was tanker #09 operated by Black Hills Aviation based at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Lockheed SP-2E Neptune N9855F (ex Bu131445) landing at Billings, Montana in August 1989 during fire bombing missions in the nearby Bighorn Mountain range. Tanker #06 with Black Hills Aviation. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Lockheed SP-2H VH-NEP (ex Bu145921) at Perth, Western Australia in April 2003. Local company Aero Corp Australia had this Neptune ferried from USA to Perth where it was rebuilt as a fire tanker, however no fire bombing work was found and the aircraft was stored. Photo: Dick Siudak
Two Lockheed P2V-7 Neptunes at Wollongong NSW in February 2011, owned by Historical Aircraft Restoration Society. VH-LRR (ex French Navy 147566) was saved from the fire dump at Tahiti by HARS members, flown to Australia and is maintained airworthy. Behind is grounded P2V-7 VH-NEP (ex RAAF A89-281). HARS have a third Neptune VH-IOY, which is also airworthy. Photo: Phil Vabre
Lockheed P-3A Orion N425AU (ex Bu151361) owned by Aero Union Corporation and modified to their "Aerostar" fire tanker design with large belly retardant tank. It is seen at Aero Union's home base Chico, in northern California in October 1992. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Lockheed WP-3D Orion N42RF (ex Bu159773) at Miami, Florida in 1976, soon after commencing service with the US Department of Commerce on weather and oceanic research. Photo: John Chapman
Canadair CT-33 Silver Star Mk.3 N83TB (ex RCAF 21559) visiting Harlingen Texas in October 1977. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Lockheed C-130A N4469P (ex RAAF A97-215) while impounded at Fort Lauderdale FL in 1997. Photo: John Chapman
Lockheed WC-130E N307SA (ex USAF 61-2365) at Columbus OH in July 2012 owned by Snow Aviation International. Photo: Gordon Reid