DH Mosquito FB.26 ZK-MOS (ex RCAF KA114) at Auckland-Ardmore on 27 September 2012 after its first flight following an eight-year restoration oroject. Its derelict remains were shipped from Canada to New Zealand for what is probably the most demanding warbird restoration ever completed. Photo: Paul Howard
DH Mosquito PR.XVI RAAF A52-600 (ex RAF NS631) when located on a farm at Monak, Victoria by a team from Warbirds Aviation Museum, Mildura in December 1966. The farmer had purchased it from RAAF disposals with the idea of mounting it on a turntable with engines running as a wind machine to reduce frost damage to his orchard trees, but never reassembled the aircraft. It is now with RAAF Museum. Photo: Geoff Goodall
DH Vampire T.11 VH-ZVZ (ex Zimbabwe Air Force R4032) at RAAF Point Cook, Victoria in February 2008. A group of seven former Rhodesian Air Force Vampires were acquired from Zimbabwe in 1988 by a Melbourne warbird syndicate. This is the only one made airworthy so far. Photo: Phil Vabre
C-7B Caribou N124DG (c/n 120 ex CV-2B 62-4179) still in US Army camouflage, at Opa Locka, Florida in 1997. Earlier Darryl Greenamyer flew this Caribou to Greenland to support the ill-fated recovery of abandoned Boeing B-29 Kee Bird. Photo: John Chapman
Douglas B-18A N52056 (ex USAAC 37-29) retired at Greybull, Wyoming in October 1979. It had been a fire attack tanker and sprayer with Mel Christler and later Hawkins & Powers Aviation, based at Greybull. This prewar veteran was traded to the US Air Force Museum at Castle AFB, California in exchange for several Douglas C-117Ds. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Douglas A-20G Havoc N67921 (ex 43-22210) at Harlingen, Texas in October 1977 during the annual Confederate Air Force airshow. Civilianised post-war as an executive transport for the Hearst publishing companies, this A-20 later became a pest control sprayer before being saved by the Confederate Air Force.
Photo: Geoff Goodall
Douglas B-23 Dragon N4000B (ex 39-57) at Harlingen, Texas in October 1979 after being flown by its owner Tom Page in the bomber fly-past at the annual Confederate Air Force airshow. This was originally one of a number of Dragons given civil executive conversions by Pan American Airways at La Guardia, New York. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Douglas B-23 Dragon N747M (ex 39-33) arrives at a warbird airshow at Madera, California in August 1989. At the time it was owned by the legendary Ed Daly, founder of Word Airways, and an earlier owner had been Howard Hughes.
Photo: Geoff Goodall
Douglas B-23 Dragon N52327 (ex 39-36) in "Boardroom Bomber" days, photographed in 1960 as an executive transport for California Oil Company. This Dragon became one of the last still flying, before being traded to USAF Museum in exchange for Convairs in storage at Davis Monthan. It is now on display at McChord AFB in Washington State, back in pre-war USAAC markings. Photo: Eddie Coates
Douglas A-24B Dauntless N82GA (ex 42-54532) was first acquired by the Confederate Air Force in Texas in 1970. It still flies with them today under the new name Commemorative Air Force. It was earlier a photo survey aircraft in Mexico as XB-QUC. Photo: Peter R. March
Douglas A-26C N4818E (ex 44-35371) at Billings, Montana in October 1981, as fire tanker #59 with Lynch Air Tankers of Billings. This aircraft has been modified with Denny Lynch's designed Lynch STOL 26 wing fences to improve hot-and-high performance. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Douglas A-26B N2DM (ex 41-39163) at San Francisco in August 1958 in the "Boardroom Bomber" era of military disposals aircraft being rebuilt as luxury executive transports. N2DM was owned by Diamond Gardner Corp, and had been modified as an On Mark Marketer. Photo: Larry Smally via Gordon Reid collection
Douglas A-26B N167B (ex 44-34602) of Scandinavian Historic Flight. Note the 8 gun nose and fuselage windows from its previous life as an executive Monarch 26. Photo: Peter R. March
Douglas AD-4NA N91945 (ex Gabon Air Force 126882) at Harlingen, Texas in October 1977. Only a few months earlier it had been ferried across the North Atlantic after several Skyraiders were retrieved from Gabon by French enthusiasts. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Douglas EA-1E N65164 (ex US Navy Bu135152) was restored for warbird enthusiast Harry Doan after being acquired as a derelict training airframe from a naval air station in Memphis, Tennessee. Photo: Peter R. March
Douglas XA2D-1 Skyshark Bu125485 on a smoggy morning at Chino California in March 1995. This remarkable prototype had been saved from the LAX fire service practice ground. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Douglas VC-117D N30000 (ex Bu17175) at Tucson AZ in 1992, painted in the colour scheme of the 1949 Douglas demonstrator Super DC-3.
Photo: John Chapman
Douglas C-124C Globemaster 52-0994 at Willow Run Michigan, October 1979 as an instructional airframe at the Detroit Institute of Aeronautics. It was later made airworthy and civil registered as N86599 in October 1986 for a ferry flight to McChord AFB near Tacoma, Washington. This was the final flight of any Globemaster. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Douglas A4L Skyhawk N403FS (ex Bu150586) at Flight Systems Inc's home base at Mojave, California in September 1979, with some of Flight Systems other aircraft in the background. Photo: Geoff Goodall
EKW C-3605 Schlepp G-DORN (ex Swiss Air Force C-552) retains its camouflage and markings from its Swiss target tug days. The lengthened nose with Lycoming T53 turboprop engine is shown to advantage in this view. Photo: Peter R. March
English Electric Canberra PR.9 XH135 was in the final group of three Canberras retired by RAF in July 2006. They were purchased by Ground Equipment Supplies company and the three were ferried to Kemble on 28 July 2006.
Photo Peter R. March
Fairchild C-82A N8009E (ex 44-23027) at Anchorage, Alaska in October 1981, while operated by Flying B Inc of Anchorage. This aircraft had earlier been modified by Steward Davis at Long Beach, Caljfornia as a Steward Davis Jet Packet 1600 with auxiliary jet engine on roof and other mods to improve performance.
Photo: Geoff Goodall
Fairchild C-119F N383S (ex RCAF 22133) at Lancaster-Fox Field, California in September 1977 as fire tanker #133 with Hawkins & Powers Aviation. It had previously been modified as the only Steward Davis STOL Master.
Photo: Geoff Goodall
Fairchild C-119F N8092 (ex RCAF 22103) at Hawkins & Powers Aviation's home base Greybull, Wyoming in September 1979. This fire tanker company acquired 14 Canadian C-119s, ferried them to Greybull where they were parked for many years. Some were tanked up and entered fire fighting service, the others were stripped for parts. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Fairchild C-123K N546S (ex 54-0615) at Van Nuys, California in December 1990, with N677DG behind. Both were owned by Fowler Aeronautical Service of Van Nuys, who hoped to use them and Caribous on African relief contract work.
Photo: Geoff Goodall
Fairey Battle Mk.1 N2188 as it was salvaged from tidal swamp mangroves near Port Davis, South Australia during 1974. This view shows the fuselage section, many other parts were recovered for Warbirds Aviation Museum at Mildura. N2188 is now under long-term restoration by the SA Historical Aviation Museum at Port Adelaide. Photo Nigel Daw
Fairey Firefly AS.6 VH-HMW (ex Royal Australian Navy WD828) at Ballarat Victoria in February 1985. The previous year it completed an 11-year restoration for owner Mike Wansey of Newcastle NSW. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Fairey Firefly FR.Mk.1 MB410 was delivered to the Royal Thai Air Force in 1952. It is seen at the Thai Air Force Museum at Don Muang Air Base, Bangkok in March 2012. Photo: John Chapman
Fiat G.46-3B G-BBII (ex Italian Air Force MM52801) flew in Italian camouflage as MM52801 and code 97-4. It has now returned home, being flown by an Italian private owner. Photo: Peter R. March
Fw 190A-8/N G-FWAB (980554) at Duxford. This is from the production of new-build A-8s constructed at Gammesldorf, Germany by private company Flug Werk GmbH in recent years. Photo: Peter R. March
Folland Gnat T.1 G-MOUR (ex RAF XS102) flies in RAF Yellow Jacks scheme as XR991. Photo: Peter R. March
Fouga CM.170 Magister N302FM (ex French Air Force No.354) at Oshkosh in July 1989. This Magister was to crash during its landing approach to the following year's Oshkosh in July 1990. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Gloster Gladiator G-AMRK (ex RAF L8032) has been maintained and flown by the Shuttleworth Collection since 1960. Photo: Peter R. March
Gloster Meteor TT.20 N94749 (ex RAF WD592) at Mojave, California in October 1981 while owned by Al Letcher. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Grumman FM-2 Wildcat G-RUMW (ex Bu86711) owned by The Fighter Collection at Duxford. It flies in wartime Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm camouflage, code "F". Photo: Peter R. March
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat N1078Z (ex Bu70222) "Tinsi III" in November 2003 with the Commemorative Air Force. Photo: Peter R. March
Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat G-RUMM (ex Bu121714) at Duxford, September 2008 owned by The Fighter Collection. Photo: Peter R. March
Grumman AF-2S Guardian N3144G (ex Bu123100) at Harlingen, Texas in October 1978. Photo: John Chapman
Grumman TBF-1C Avenger II NZ2504 survived the scrap man to be displayed at Te Rapa RNZAF base, New Zealand, where it is seen in 1977. The following year it was collected by the RNZAF Museum and moved to Wigram where it was restored to taxying condition. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Grumman TBM-3S N9187Z (ex Bu53818) becoming airborne in a TBM formation at the annual Confederate Air Force airshow Harlingen, Texas in October 1977. After US Navy service, this aircraft flew for the Royal Canadian Navy as an Avenger AS.3 before civil disposal to become a forest fire bomber in USA. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Grumman TBM-3E VH-TBM (ex Bu91110) at Bundaberg, Queensland in August 2011. This former US fire bomber was imported from New Zealand in 1999 by Randal McFarlane, Brisbane. A few months after this picture was taken, it was ferried back to NZ to a new owner. Photo: Phil Vabre
Grumman TS-2A N405DF (ex Bu133295) at Ramona, California in November 1992. Tanker #72 was one of the large fleet of Trackers operated as fire bombers by the California Department of Forestry, 22 being later re-engined with Garret turbines. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Grumman C-1A Trader N7171M (ex Bu146048) at Chino, California in November 1990 retaining the markings of its final US Navy deployment as a Carrier Onboard Delivery COD on USS Lexington. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Grumman F7F Tigercat N7629C (ex Bu80374) was one of a fleet of Tigercats operated as forest fire tankers by Sis-Q Flying Services of Santa Rosa, California, with tanker number E62. During 1981 its retardant tank and plumbing was removed while offered for sale as a warbird. Seen visiting the Confederate Air Force airshow at Harlingen Texas in October 1981. Photo: Geoff Goodall
Grumman OV-1A Mohawk N4235Z (ex 59-2604) restored in US Army markings. Photo: John Chapman
Grumman TF-9J Cougar N24WJ (ex Argentine Navy) at Chino, California in October 1991. The following day, on a return flight to Florida, it crashed into the sea off the Louisiana coast. Photo: Geoff Goodall