Airport security in the 1960s was low fences with plenty of wide open gates.  We might have missed most of The Swinging Sixities,  but the keen members of the West Beach Aviation Group found our airport to be a friendly and interesting place. 

East West Airlines from Tamworth NSW flew a series of passenger charters which dropped in at Adelaide during 1964-65.
Here VH-EWB is parked on the main airline ramp in front of the Adelaide terminal building in April 1964.

Airlines of South Australia was based at West Beach and flew a network of services to major SA towns and Broken Hill NSW.
Fleet comprised two Convair 440s and four DC-3s.  Charters were often operated to the restricted defence grounds at Maralinga
and Woomera.  ASA was an Ansett-ANA subsidiary, but operated as a proudly independent local carrier.

Airlines of SA was formed in 1960 when Ansett-ANA completed its takeover of Guinea Airways at Adelaide. Douglas DC-3
VH-ANW was one of the Guinea Airways fleet transferred to ASA. It has been re-engined with Wright R-1820 Cyclones for
standardisation with all DC-3s operated by Ansett-ANA and its subsidiary airlines.

Here's VH-ANW in previous service with Guinea Airways Ltd, photo taken at Adelaide circa 1956.   Courtesy Nigel Daw

Airlines of SA also operated this Piaggio P.166B Portofino on passenger services to smaller towns and charter work.
Climbing a servicing gantry provided this unusual angle, at Adelaide in May 1963, soon after delivery from Italy.

ASA's first turbine equipment was F.27 VH-FNP, photographed in September 1967.

Ansett-ANA operated daily freight services from Melbourne to Adelaide, initially with DC-3 Cargoliners. VH-ANT waits to
load up for the flight back to Essendon in May 1962.

Ansett-ANA Bristol Freighter Mk.31 VH-BFA was a regular on the Adelaide run, arriving at dawn from Melbourne and
parking at the Ansett-ANA hangar until departing in the early evening, after an aircrew rest period. It was loaded up by ground
staff during the day.

Douglas DC-4s became the usual Ansett-ANA freighters during 1963. Here's VH-INY in May 1963 still with Skymaster on the
tail from its days in passenger service, prior to being repainted as Cargomaster.

Ansett-ANA's Aviation Traders ATL.98 Carvairs were introduced in late 1965 and the three Carvairs with their specialised pallet
cargo system operated daily into Adelaide for the rest of the decade.

Magnificent red and white Grumman G.159 Gulfstream 1 VH-ASJ Silver Gulfstream was a regular visitor from Associated Airlines
at Essendon, carrying mining executives. Associated added two other G.159s before the Gulfstream jets came on the scene.

Associated Airlines' DH.114 Heron 2D VH-ASH Silver Heron in red, white and polished metal, was also a regular visitor.

Based at Adelaide was this DC-3 VH-DAS, operated on contract by TAA for the SA Department of Lands on extensive
photographic survey mapping of the State.  Photo taken in May 1965, with visiting East West Airlines DC-3 VH-EWE behind.

Another aircraft operated by TAA at Adelaide on contract was this DH.104 Dove 6 for the UK Ministry of Aviation.  TAA aircrew
flew it in on courier services to the atomic test grounds at Maralinga SA.  It had been repainted in the 1960 era TAA blue and white
scheme with dayglo orange tail.  It was sold in February 1963 and became VP-PAA with Megapode Airways in the Solomon Islands.

Midnight in the TAA hangar in August 1963. Northern Territory Medical Service Dove 5 VH-DHK from Darwin is having scheduled
maintenance inspection here, rather than at Bankstown by De Havilland Aircraft. It retains the colourful paint scheme of its previous
operator, Bay of Plenty Airways in New Zealand as ZK-BZP.  It was soon repainted in the much more sedate NTMS standard scheme
of grey and white with thin red trim.  NTMS Doves were occasional visitors, usually met by an ambulance on urgent medical flights.

Department of Civil Aviation (SA/NT Region) based one of their four Aero Commanders in Adelaide for the decade. 
VH-CAU, a model 560E, taxies for departure in June 1962.

CZL Aero 145 VH-WWC parked at the main terminal on a quick visit from its base at Port Lincoln SA in February 1964.
Commodore Aviation were to operate a four of these Czech twins on fish spotting and lighthouse supply runs.

Occasional international fog diversions from Sydney caused much excitement.  Alitalia DC-8 I-DIWP in November 1964.

RAAF No.34 Squadron at Canberra had two Convair 440s dedicated to VIP transport, mostly for politicians. They were regular
visitors to Adelaide until replaced by two Viscounts. A96-313 (c/n 313) has the original short nose.

A96-353 (c/n 353) with extended radome nose, fires up at Adelaide Airport in September 1962.

Viscount 816 A6-435 (c/n 435) on VIP duties in April 1965.

Viscount 816 A6-436 (c/n 436) in January 1965 in all metal finish prior to painting in RAAF blue and white. No crew were
present and WBAG member Arthur Perkins poses on the integral air stair - an indication of the relaxed security of the day.

RAAF Canberra A84-210 was a excessive cross-wind diversion from RAAF Edinburgh north of Adelaide, in February 1965.
This was one of 48 Australian licence-built Canberra B.20s manufactured by the Government Aircraft Factory at Avalon Vic.

Other RAAF visits, apart from occasional Dakotas, were rare.  P2V-7 Neptune A89-305 in original midnight blue scheme
over-nighted in late 1961.

Another Lockheed, but from an earlier era. Adastra Aerial Surveys flew Hudsons, all former RAAF WWII bombers, on aerial survey
work into the 1970s. VH-AGX was at Adelaide on 20 December 1962 having an oil leak to the starboard Wright Cyclone checked
during a ferry back to home base Sydney from Forrest WA. Colour scheme was Adastra green and white, with black and red trim.


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