A selection of my pictures of flights on propeller-driven airliners during USA visits in the 1980s

Japanese NAMC YS-11 airliners were operated by Mid Pacific Air between the Hawaiian islands in the 1980s.
We were waiting to board N113MP at Honolulu in August 1981 for a scheduled service to Kauai.

Oahu coastline slips away as N113MP heads for the island of Kauai

Boarding YS-11 N114MP at Kauai for the 40 minute flight back to Honolulu.

Rows of Beech 18 trigears from the daily All Islands in a Day air tour of Hawaiian islands parked at Hilo in August 1981.
Rather than individual flights, charter companies combined to form "Aloha Formation" of up to 15 aircraft, which ATC
handled as a single VFR flight. At each stop the tourists carried joined for group bus and boat scenic excursions.

"Aloha Formation" on the move, with a stream takeoff from Maui

N162SP rolling just ahead of us was another Beech E18S in Panorama Air Tour's fleet of varous Beech 18 models.

Our happy band of tourists allocated to Beech E18S N4303Y with pilot Billy Adams. Spot the Beech 18 enthusiast.

Guess who claimed the right hand seat for the first few sectors?

A low run over volcano lava fields on the Big Island Hilo

Tour boats, each with a swaying hip Hawaiian singing group, carry the Beech 18 passengers to a scenic highlight

The formation crossed Honolulu at 8,000 feet enroute Maui to Kaui. Pearl Harbor in foreground and Honolulu Airport at top right.

A scenic delight of the Beech 18 tour was overflying Hickam AFB, Honolulu.
These P-3 Orions were part of the US Navy ramp areas.

Air New England at Boston MA routinely leased Convair 580s to add to its own fleet of turboprops. Our flight from Boston to
Lebanon, New Hampshire in October 1981 was operated by leased Canadian Convair 580 C-GJRP.

San Juan, Puerto Rico later in October 1981, boarding an Aero Virgin Island DC-3 flight to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Other local passenger DC-3s fire up at the San Juan terminal building, with a freighter Super Constellation behind.

Departing Puerto Rico in a tropical downpour, with a good view of some of San Juan Airport maintenance and freight ramps.

A pleasant 30 minute flight to Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas

St Thomas was the hub of Aero Virgin Islands services. N100SD taxies to the company hangar with its airstair down.

Puerto Rico International Airlines - PRINAIR had the world's largest fleet of DH.114 Herons for its inter-island services.
All had been modified to Riley Herons with Lycoming IO-540s. We flew in N577PR from St Thomas to St Croix.

Departing St Thomas, passing the American Inter-Island Convair 440 parking ramp.

Another pleasant low-level flight to St Croix in the comfortable Heron

Arrival at St Croix Airport October 1981

Another Prinair Heron arrives at St Croix on the airline's high-frequency services

This Fairchild F-27 N20HE of Oceanair carried us from St Croix back to San Juan with full cabin service

N20HE departing St Croix on a previous service

Interstate Airlines Convair 580 N582PL on contract to Emery Air Freight, at the Oklahoma City Airport freight ramp in
November 1981.  That night its hospitable crew invited me to ride along on a typical run to Dayton Ohio snd return,
with loading and unloading stops at Tulsa OK and Smyrna TN both directions.  We got back to OKC at 4am

Among the remarkable aircraft at Oshkosh July 1989 was this restored 1932 Stinson SM-6000B 10 passenger airliner NC11170

A joyride on the Stinson was too good to miss

A corner of the 1989 Oshkosh EAA convention seen from the Stinson SM-6000B as it flew a lazy circuit

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